15 Easy Habits That Will Guarantee Weight Loss

habits for weight loss success

It is good to know that losing weight is no picnic. You will never be required to overhaul your diet and lifestyle when losing weight. Most people think that they should make big changes to lose weight. However, that is not the case. It is the small things that make a big difference. It is very easy to lose weight. With that in mind, we have compiled some easy habits you should embrace if you want to lose a considerable amount of weight.

1. Eat real food

real natural foods

There are numerous low calorie options available in the market today. You might be aware that a sugar free alternative will not solve your problems when you are craving rich dark chocolate. Additionally, you will be forced to eat more if you often eat a poor substitute. It is advisable to consume real and whole foods. You should avoid low fat and low calorie foods.

The best afternoon pick me up is a square of dark chocolate and a slice of full fat cheese. Kindly avoid beating yourself up about it. Try to balance it with numerous healthy whole foods.

2. Log your meals

log your meal

Having a food journal is very beneficial since it helps you get an overview of what you will be eating. Actually, it is where you will find a room for improvement. You can either keep a written journal or take photos of everything you consume. Additionally, remember to keep yourself accountable. You should not forget to learn more about how much you are eating. The main reason behind this is that you might be surprised at patterns in your diet.

For instance, a reliable food journal will help you know that drinking alcohol contributes lots of sugar to our bodies. This specific habit will be more helpful especially when starting your healthy eating journey. You can consider doing it more often after you have adopted these healthy eating habits.

People prefer journaling for more than a week. This gives them a bird’s eye view of what they are eating and where they should improve.

3. Plan your meals

plan your meals for weight loss

You can imagine the feeling of going to the grocery store hungry. After arriving home, you may wonder the reason why you purchased snack food under the sun. You should cook food when you are already hungry. It is said that quick meals devoid of nutrients such as boxed mac and cheese.

The best way to reduce the overall calorie intake is by cooking at home and eating out less. In such a case, you will have control over how much you use the different ingredients. This is the right time to set yourself for success before you get hungry. Finally, you can have a weekly meal plan with your menu in mind.

4. Gauge portion sizes using your hands

healthy eating habits

You can agree with me that indeed it is quite easy to over eat. This will happen more so if you are not used to appropriate portion sizes. While some people prefer using a scale, other people often use measuring cups. You can choose any of them. From there, you can compare the portion with your hands. This enables you to have a better idea of the right size in the future. Also, you will not be required to break out any extra tools.

5. Fill your plate with half the plants

salad for weight loss

It is important to consider vegetables, salad, and fruits when building your plate. They should take half of the plate. It has emerged as one of the simplest ways to fill on lower calorie foods. You will always be satisfied with this great combination.


6. You can consume a Mediterranean style diet

mediterranean-style diet

Over the years, renowned nutritionists have been claiming that a Mediterranean style diet is a perfect choice to lose weight. The Mediterranean diet contains a high amount of olive oil. Besides helping you shed unwanted pounds, this eating pattern will help people keep the weight off longer. It not only reduces the waist circumference but also abdominal obesity.

All these health benefits are as a result of healthy fats present in olive oil and fish. Furthermore, the numerous fiber rich plants and whole grain have been associated with these health benefits. It has been discovered that they are low in calories while at the same time helping keep fuller longer.

Fiber takes up space in your stomach. This keeps you full. In most cases, fiber is found in low calorie foods such as beans, whole grains, and seeds.

7. Stock family favorites

fruit and vegetable in fridge

You will come across many people who make healthy eating more fun. You should not feel afraid to fall back on old favorites. If you are a spy, then it would be better if you have a handful of go to dishes in mind. There is no doubt that you will have these types of ingredients in your fridge. All you should know is that it will be a great way to make sure that healthy choices are always within reach.

After experimenting and discovering new foods and meals that work for you, you should put them in your back pocket. From there, you can let them become go dishes. Go dishes should reappear differently in your daily and weekly rotation.

Nowadays, most families always have a handful of ingredients stocked in their fridge. That is the reason they always have an easy time pulling the ingredients together to have a simple and nutritious meal. The most common staples that will definitely work for your family include sweet potatoes and canned beans. Frozen shrimp, canned tuna fish, and canned tomatoes are other notable staples. And now that you know the most common and used staples, you should keep them on hand.

They should be featured along with a well-stocked spice cupboard. This means that you will never take more than 30 minutes to have your meal.


8. Drink enough water


You might have heard that a sensation you think is actually thirst. Additionally, never let yourself get confused. Ensure that you drink more than enough water every day. Water aids in digestion while at the same time keeping you from mindless snacking.

It makes sense of staying hydrated by drinking water instead of sugary drinks. This will help in keeping a hunger check while still supporting digestion. It is recommended to have a baseline consumption of water. This should be linked to your weight. You should take your weight in pounds if you want to figure out your optimal water intake. Afterward, you can consider dividing it into two. The results obtained will be the number of ounces you should drink per day.

It is also advisable to drink water just before you take a meal. This will fill your stomach while reducing appetite and food intake.

9. Sit down


It is said that satisfaction is not just linked to what you are eating. It also depends with how you are eating. You can make your meals more pleasurable and mindful by simply making sure that you sit down each time you eat. Additionally, you should never feel afraid to create a happy atmosphere around your food. Alternatively, you can play your favorite music while cooking. This enables you to set the mood. In turn, this will allow more pleasure to flow into your home and kitchen.

10. Brush your teeth after dinner

brush teeth after eating

You will end up counteracting all that careful planning and healthy eating when there is mindless snacking. You should consider brushing your teeth right after dinner. This will prevent you from reaching for a snack late at night. There will be better digestion and sleep after cutting out late night snacking.

11. Get some sun

man into sun

You will be able to kick start your weight loss when you open the curtains to let in some sunlight. Additionally, you can spend a few extra minutes each morning. According to a study that was conducted a few years ago, exposure to moderate levels of light during certain times of the day will influence weight.

Furthermore, researchers have discovered that exposure to ultraviolet radiation will help in suppressing weight gain. Sunlight exposure is arguably the best way to meet your Vitamin D needs. You will have prevented weight gain when you meet all your Vitamin D requirements.

Overweight and obese people are advised to consume supplements that contain a high amount of Vitamin D. It is worth noting that the amount of sun exposure you require mainly depends on your skin type and where you are located. However, there will be a beneficial effect on weight loss when you let in some sunlight for at least 15 minutes.

12. Squeeze in some exercises

woman do morning exercise

You should have some exercises in the morning if you want to boost weight loss. A study that was done on 50 overweight women showed that there was no huge difference in food cravings between those people who exercised in the morning when compared to those who did it during the afternoon hours.

In the last couple of years, working out in the morning has been associated with a higher level of satiety. You will have a chance to keep your blood sugar levels steady during the day when you exercise in the morning. There are numerous negative symptoms associated with low blood sugar such as excessive hunger. However, it is good to keep in mind that most of these studies have been done on specific populations. Also, they cause an association instead of causation.

13. Sleep longer


Sleeping earlier or for long hours during the day will increase weight loss. Hence, you can set your alarm clock to squeeze some extra sleep. Several documented studies have shown that sleep deprivation can cause an increased appetite. On the other hand, restricting sleep will increase hunger and cravings. This happens especially for high carb and high calorie foods. Moreover, there will be an increased calorie intake if you lack sleep.

There is no doubt that having a healthy sleep schedule will be a critical component of weight loss. This should be done alongside eating well and exercising. This is the ideal time to maximize your results by having at least eight hours of sleep per night.

14. Switch up your commute

switch up your commute

You can attest that driving is one of the most convenient ways to get to work. However, you should be aware that it may not be so great for your waistline. A number of studies have shown that walking and biking may be tied to lower body weight. This will reduce the risk of weight gain. People who commute daily are more likely to gain weight than those people who prefer walking.

Similarly, a study that was done on a large group of people shown that using active methods of transport such as biking and walking can lead to a lower body mass index. There will be a lower body fat percentage when compared to using private transportation. You can consider changing your commute several times in a week. This will be a simple way to ramp up weight loss.

15. Weigh yourself daily

measure weight

Weighing yourself each morning will be an effective method to increase motivation and improve self-control. Some popular researchers have been claiming that weighing daily will lead to a greater weight loss. You will lose a considerable amount of weight when you weigh yourself every month. It will help foster healthy habits and behaviors. Such behaviors may promote weight loss. In case you stop weighing yourself daily, you might end up having increased calorie intake.


This is the right time to make a few changes to your routine by adapting to the above habits. Additionally, you should be guaranteed of weight loss if you embrace these habits. You will get your day started and set up for success. And now that you are familiar with the best habits for weight loss, go on and practice them. We hope that you will find this article helpful in the future.