The Best Drinks for Weight Loss


It is good to know that more than 70% of adults in the United States of America have a drinking problem. Keep in mind that we are not talking about alcohol. We mean having sugary drinks more often. It has been discovered that most Americans get their daily calories from sugary beverages. The research was done and documented by the National Center for Health Statistics.

When we want to lose weight, we forget those liquid calories that go down so easily. In most cases, our main focus is reducing the intake of certain foods. This means that changing your drinks can make a huge difference in your efforts to lose weight. This is the right time to invest in the healthiest drinks in the market. In this article, we will discuss the healthiest drinks you should try.

1. Fruit infused waters

It would be better if you consider substituting water for high calorie beverages. This will be beneficial in trimming the calories of every meal. Besides that, your digestion process will drastically improve over time. This will increase your metabolism. According to popular research that involved about 170 women, swapping out beverages with water can cause a drastic reduction in weight.

All that you should do is to have a large tumbler of ice water. From there, you should add some of these mix-ins to add flavor.

2. Plain water

You might be wondering if plain water can help you reduce weight. There is no doubt that water is the healthiest liquid in the beverage kingdom. Actually, it makes more than 60% of our bodies. For weight loss, no liquid can beat water. It is advisable to drink water before meals. In that case, you will be able to fill your belly with zero calories while at the same time eating less food.

There is a possibility you will eat about 90 fewer calories in your meal when you drink water before the meal. In the end, you might end up losing more than 5 pounds. You might be aware that hunger is a misinterpreted signal for thirst. With that in mind, you should stay hydrated if you want to keep hunger at bay.

3. Green tea

Green tea contains high amounts of special antioxidants. It is said that these antioxidants increase metabolism while at the same time increasing the body’s ability to burn fat. It has been discovered that people who often drink green tea will burn more fat when compared to people who do not take it.

4. Coffee

Having coffee in the morning may help you slim down. You should only avoid pairing the coffee with donuts. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, having several coffee cups in the morning will reduce body fat by about 4%. The study that involved at least 120 overweight women was mainly designed to look for evidence that indeed, coffee may be helpful in reducing weight within a short period of time. Coffee also reduces the risks of developing type two diabetes. In the same study, the researchers concluded that fat loss was not as a result of changes in diet and physical activity. It is the caffeine present in coffee that increases body metabolism.

5. Tart cherry juice

Well known researchers have been claiming that inadequate sleep can cause weight gain while still hampering weight loss efforts. The best way to have a restful sleep is by having a small glass of cherry juice. This is the right time to eat tart cherries or drink their juice if you really want to improve sleep quality and duration.

Furthermore, tart cherries contain two compounds that help the body to produce melatonin. Melatonin will help you prepare for sleep. On the other hand, the anthocyanin compound will provide strong antioxidant activity. This reduces inflammation. Over the years, we have witnessed numerous studies being published in popular journals. In one of these studies that were published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, rats that were fed on tart cherries experienced a 9% reduction in abdominal fat.


6. Psyllium Husk Mixed in Water

Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber that is used in the popular fiber supplement Metamucil. It thickens into a gel when mixed with water. Additionally, the soluble fiber will absorb liquid and help you feel full. You will experience hunger if you take this fiber before breakfast and lunch. Furthermore, you will notice a lower body max index if you have type two diabetes. You will never be the same compared to people who eat a regular diet for the same period.

7. Coconut water and watermelon water

You will be able to boost your fat burning metabolism when you add a regular program of exercise to your diet plan. This will also speed up weight loss. However, you should exercise for more than an hour in the heat. Kindly avoid going for sports drinks to rehydrate. Most of these drinks contain a high amount of sugars and calories.


You should try coconut water if you really want to replenish some electrolytes. They are considered as the perfect choice for sports of rehydration. Watermelon water contains amino acids. This helps move lactic acid from your body muscles. The best way to make your watermelon water is by combining cubed seedless ripe watermelon with one cup of cold water.

8. Grapefruit juice

Besides being rich in vitamins, fruit juice contains natural sugars and calories. Therefore, you should avoid drinking a large amount of juice if you want to lose weight. However, a glass of grapefruit juice might be helpful in solving your problems. In a study that was done in California, drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice resulted in weight loss.

9. An organic plant based protein shake

You can agree with me that indeed protein is the building block of muscle. Protein is known to promote anxiety. This can help with weight loss. You should purchase high protein drinks with low calories levels. Be guaranteed that it will be an effective tool for reducing a lot of weight in your body. It will be more beneficial more so when used between meal snacks.

A study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that people who often drank organic plant based protein shake lost a considerable amount of weight. The reason why protein made from milk is discouraged is that it may contribute to inflammation. With that in mind, you should consider plant based protein.

The most reputable manufacturers make ready to drink protein nutrition shakes from bean and pea proteins. Besides having a high amount of plant based proteins, they contain numerous vitamins and minerals.

10. White tea

You might have heard a lot of benefits about green tea. It has been proved that white tea contains a powerful fat burning combination of caffeine. Several test tubes studies have shown that white tea prevents new fat cells from forming. There will be an increase in metabolism when you consider taking white tea. This will supercharge the body’s ability to break down. The existing fat for energy will be utilized efficiently. Most of these details have been published in the popular Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.

11. The Carb Cutter Smoothie

It is worth noting that low calorie smoothies with protein powders are a great way to fight hunger. Hunger pangs might lead you to a bag of chips or a slice of cake. They are also easy to make. All that you need to have to make a reliable weight loss smoothie is a scoop of protein powder and some frozen berries.

Kindly ensure that your recipe contains cinnamon. Cinnamon is helpful in balancing body blood sugar. It may also help with weight loss.

12. Black tea

Black tea comes with compounds that stimulate weight loss. It is simply a type of tea that has undergone more oxidation. It is more exposed to air when compared to other types of tea. This results in a stronger flavor and darker color. Additionally, black tea contains powerful antioxidants that may be beneficial in reducing body weight. The chemicals present in black tea may promote weight loss by reducing calorie intake and stimulating fat breakdown.

13. Ginger tea

In the past, Ginger has been used as a spice to add flavor to dishes. The herbal remedy is used to treat a number of conditions such as nausea and colds. Ginger tea will help to reduce appetite while at the same time increasing calorie expenditure. Be assured that it will be an effective way to enhance weight loss.


Green tea, coffee, and ginger tea will boost metabolism and minimize hunger. This will facilitate weight loss. Additionally, all these beverages contain beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and other powerful compounds. All these compounds will benefit your health. This is the right time to replace high calorie beverages like soda with the above healthy drinks. By doing this, you will end up achieving your weight loss goals. We hope that this article will help you in the future. Thanks!