The Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat

guide to burn belly fat fast

There is no doubt that you would want to lose weight and get a flatter stomach. Losing weight will make your pants feel looser while at the same time boosting your confidence. Over the years, there have emerged numerous benefits associated with losing weight. You will have decreased the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes when you consider losing belly fat.

It is good to know that there is only one problem. You will come across an endless amount of rumors out there. Actually, you will get multiple results when you google how to get a flat stomach. To get you out of the noise, we have compiled the best ways you can use to lose belly fat. Follow these tips, and you will never regret your decision.

1. You should be less stressful

keep stress free

You might have heard that stressing may prevent your stomach from flattening. This will happen even if you eat and exercise well. It has been discovered that stress increases the levels of the hormone cortisol. In the process, appetite and fat storage are increased. Keep in mind that this is not the best when you are looking to get six pack abs.

To prevent your stress from going beyond an uncontrollable level, you should make a pot of black tea. Several researchers have been claiming that black tea can increase the rate at which your body brings its cortisol. This will help you slim down.

2. Become an early riser

woman sleep with alarm to rise early

This is the right time to rise and shine sleeping beauty. In my opinion, sleeping extra hours is not necessary at all simply because you are already a stunner. And now that you know that extra hours can make it difficult to get rid of that flat belly, you can follow this tip immediately.

People who often wake up mid-morning are well known to consume 248 calories a day. It is good to know that this is twice the amount of fast food than those who set their alarm earlier. You are definitely not one of those people who prefer waking up in the morning if these findings sound troubling. With that in mind, you can set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier each day. This should continue until you start getting out of bed at a more reasonable hour.

3. Straighten your back

woman doing exercise

It is arguably one of the best ways to lose belly fat. You will end up looking slimmer after a few days if you often have a good posture. Away from that, having a good posture will strengthen your stomach muscles. This will give you the long lean look you have always craved for. Kindly ensure that you sit as upright as possible whether you are sitting or walking.

4. Pick different produce


Cauliflower and broccoli are known to cause belly fat. That being said, you should consider cutting them. After cutting these types of vegetables, you can add bloat reducing stuffs to your diet. It is said that the Honeydew melon contains a diuretic property. This makes it fight water retention. On the other hand, pineapples are beneficial in digestion and breaking down of proteins. This can typically cause bloat.

5. Drink kefir

drink kefir

The smoothie like drink contains a high level of lactase. You might be wondering about the function of lactase. It is simply the enzyme that breaks down lactose. Keep in mind that lactose is the sugar in milk that causes stomach issues in some people. According to popular research that was done by Ohio State University researchers, consuming lactose regularly will reduce bloating by more than 70%.

6. Quit chomping


Besides causing you to swallow tummy bloating air, chewing gum contain a high amount of sugar alcohols, and other artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners are known to cause bloat. You can either avoid the gum or go for an organic variety such as Glee gum. Although these types of gums are low calorie, the manufacturer has not used sweeteners that can make you puff up.


7. Delay taking your breakfast

woman open fridge

You should avoid eating whenever your stomach starts rumbling. Additionally, you should reduce your eating window to eight to twelve hours. Several cell metabolism studies have shown that this tactic may be helpful in boosting your body’s ability to burn fat as energy. This will happen if you do not cut back on calories. Although these researches were done on mice, there is no doubt that the results are very promising.

8. Dress up your veggies

woman cut vegetables

You might be aware that some dressings are just demons with a lot of sugars and other weird fillers. That being said, it would be better if you include vinegar concoction in your veggies. This concoction will help in absorbing pop. In the past, multiple studies have involved consuming a small amount of vinegar daily for weeks. In these studies, people who consumed vinegar became leaner. You might be wondering how it works. According to renowned Japanese researchers, ACV produces proteins inside the body that burn fat. You can dress your veggies by adding some to your salad with olive oil.

9. Consume more arginine

arginine foods

Normally, amino acid arginine is found in walnuts and Brazil nuts. Additionally, you can also find it in brown rice and chicken. You will be able to reduce belly fat and weight if you are obese. All that you should do is consuming nice grams of arginine in a day. Foods that contain a high amount of nutrients are nutritional champs.

10. Muster up the mustard


People prefer eating a teaspoon of mustard. Mustard has been associated with increased metabolism for several hours. The study was done and documented by the Oxford Polytechnic Institute. The best way to do it is by smearing some of the spread onto turkey sandwiches and hot dogs. Also, you can brush some onto fish fillets before baking. Eating protein will definitely increase calorie burning. You can combine them will be a fat frying whammy.

11. Increase pepper consumption


In the past, you might have heard that capsaicin can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Research that was done recently has shown that mild peppers can have similar effects. You can agree with me that indeed this must be great news especially to those people who cannot stand anything too spicy. You are required to add bananas and sweet peppers if you really want to reap all the metabolism boosting benefits.

12. Eat more beans


Besides being rich in fiber, beans are known to be a good source of resistant starch. Resistant starch helps in resisting digestion. This forces the body to use extra energy to break them down. Well known researchers have shown that resistant starch can promote oxidation while still increasing the calorie burning power. In other studies, this type of starch increases fat oxidation when someone take food rich in it for quite sometimes. In case you do not like eating beans, you can cook up some pasta. From there, you should pop it in the refrigerator and eat it cold. The chemical structure of the noodles will change when they are cooled down.

13. Rock out

woman do morning exercise

You will be able to run 15 percent longer if you invest heavily in upbeat music. This will keep you more positive about your workout. You should not worry about it even as you near exhaustion. In case you have been looking for a good way to increase your speed, you can listen to songs with tempos. The perfect way to do it is by keeping up with the pace of the song. This will make sure that your fit is a bit faster.

14. Side planks


It has been proved that regular planks are far away much better when compared to the traditional ones. However, people who have done them in the past have argued that they are more challenging. Your body will be having multiple points of contact with the floor when you perform a plank on your forearms. Away from that, you will be forced to support your entire body on just two points when you plank on your side forces. You will always have a hard time staying stabilized. A harder exercise is quite similar to harder abs.

15. Phone a friend


It is advisable to call someone you really love if you are tempted to indulge in diet no-nos. It can either be someone you are in love with or a significant other. Usually, the sound of a person you love will trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin. In most cases, the hormone oxytocin is released during the times of bonding. It can happen even when having a call. This will help in suppressing appetite.


16. Hit the weight first


You can agree with me that banging quads may be the thing that makes your abs pop. Weight training will end up wearing you out. However, this is the time when your cardio workout will be more challenging and quite effective. You should mentally cuss out all you want as you sprint on the track. In the long run, the extra sweat will benefit your abs. All that you need to ensure is that you avoid the most common mistakes.

17. Eat like a kid


You are supposed to stick to a single serve if you are looking for some fast food and chips. You will be in a position to fix without the need to eat a lot of calories rich food when you have smaller portions. Therefore, you will be able to lose a considerable amount of weight without having a lot of effort. It has emerged as one of the greatest ways for those people who want long term flat belly success.

18. Eat dark chocolate


Almost everyone loves eating chocolate. Chocolate comes with disease fighting antioxidants. Additionally, it will help you eat less at your next meal. Also, chocolate contains compounds that may slow the rate of digestion. You will experience notable results when you start eating chocolate.

19. Make a special request


A recent survey has shown that sauce on the side is arguably the number one healthy takeout request. It is said that you will end up saving more than 1,000 calories at each meal regardless of the kind of joint you are ordering from. You should only ask them to put the sauce on the side.

20. Eat orange regularly


You might have heard of that popular Australian study that measured how satiating popular foods can be. In that study, the researchers discovered that oranges are very beneficial when compared to other fruits. Oranges have high fiber and water content. Another notable thing that was concluded in the research is that oranges reduce anxiety. Your desire to nosh will increase drastically when you are anxious.

Furthermore, there will be less chances of becoming stressed when you eat oranges. Finally, remember to avoid unhealthy dietary decisions that may stop your stomach from flattening out.

21. Stock up on snacks


People are being encouraged to have a little something between meals. This can help you ward off blood sugar dips. Blood sugar dips may leave you feeling like you should eat an entire cake in one sitting. That being said, it would be better if you stock your offices with good foods. The snacks should be ab friendly.

Bananas have been considered the most favorite. They keep well on a desk. Another notable option that you should not leave behind is hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs contain a recommendable spiking nutrient. This nutrient will ward off belly fat storage. Nowadays, many people prefer pairing the eggs with some fresh carrots. They not only supply excess vitamins, but also belly filling fiber.

22. Avoid foods with Trans-fat


Trans fat occurs as a result of including the highly regarded hydrogen into unsaturated fats. Usually, these kinds of fats are found in margarine. Additionally, they are added to packaged foods. However, many food manufacturers have stopped using them for several reasons. Several studies have linked these fats to inflammation and heart disease. In observational studies, they cause insulin resistance and abdominal fat gain.

For instance, in a study that involved monkeys as the main subject, it was discovered that the monkey gained abdominal fat in those eating diets in monounsaturated fat. Remember to read the ingredient labels carefully if you want to reduce belly fat and protect your health.

23. You should avoid drinking too much alcohol


In small amounts, alcohol has health benefits. However, it will become more harmful if you drink too much. Subsequent studies have shown that too much alcohol can make your belly fat. Additionally, it will significantly increase the level of developing central obesity. Central obesity is the excess fat storage around the waist.

You will notice a reduced waist size when you cut back on alcohol. It does not mean that you give it up altogether, but to limit the amount you drink in a single day.

24. Using coconut oil


Coconut oil is considered as one of the healthiest fats you can ever eat. Medium chain fats found in this oil will increase the rate of metabolism while at the same time decreasing the amount of fat. Studies have proved that this may lead to abdominal fat loss. You will lose a noticeable amount of weight if you take oil daily for at least 12 weeks. Unfortunately, the benefits of coconut oil for weight loss is weak and controversial.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that coconut oil is high in calories. You can replace some of the extra fats you are eating instead of adding extra fat to your diet.

25. Track your food intake and exercises


There are numerous things that can make you lose weight and belly fat. If you aim to maintain weight, then you should consume fewer calories than your body needs. It makes a lot of sense keeping a food diary. Alternatively, you can have an online food tracker to help you monitor your calorie intake. This strategy has emerged as very beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

Furthermore, food tracking tools will enable you to see your intake of protein and other micro nutrients. There are still other trackers that allow you to record your physical activity.

26. Eat fatty fish every week

salmon-with salad

You can attest that fish are incredibly healthy. They contain a high level of protein. Additionally, omega-3 fats will protect you from diseases. Some evidence has also shown that these fats may help in the reduction of visceral fat. In adults, fish oil supplements can reduce liver and abdominal fat.

Final Thoughts

As for now, there are no magical solutions to losing belly fat. You need to have effort and commitment if you really want to lose belly fat. Additionally, you should adopt some strategies and lifestyle goals. This is the right time to practice these tips. We hope that this article will help you in the future.