Tips That You Should Embrace When Walking For Weight Loss

walking for weight loss tips

For a long time, walking for weight loss has never been a thought that crossed Homo sapiens minds. It is good to keep in mind that walking and running were just transportation methods. Nowadays, that is not the case. Most people nowadays rely on cars and trains.

Importance of walking for weight loss

It has been discovered that more than 2 million deaths that occur in a year happen due to physical inactivity. This research was done by the World Health Organization. There are numerous sedentary lifestyles that have been associated with health problems. These lifestyles increase the risk of:

  • Colon cancer.
  • Diabetes.
  • All-cause mortality.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.

You might be aware that walking is very crucial in preventing chronic disease. Also, you might be wondering whether it is possible to lose weight by walking. The answer is yes. The amount of weight you will lose by walking will vary depending on your body type. According to a study that was done a few years ago, people who participated in the study lose three pounds by walking. Subsequent studies have shown that the more you walk, the more weight you lose.

Reasons why you should be walking to lose weight

You do not need to have any equipment when walking. Additionally, you have the full freedom to walk anywhere and anytime. You will never be stressing your joints in the way running can. Walking has proved to be an easy and natural way to expend energy from the food we consume. However, it does not mean that you cannot learn to do it better.

In this article, we will discuss the most important and crucial walking tips you should follow if you really want to lose a considerable amount of weight.

1. Choose the right shoes

Shoes are the only equipment you will need when walking. In that case, you should choose the most suitable pair of shoes. Usually, walking shoes are manufactured with flexible soles. They also come with heel counters. This will prevent side to side motion.

You need to purchase low heeled shoes if you will be running in normal flat surfaces. Keep in mind that low heeled shoes are comfortable and lightweight.

2. Look for a nice songs

You should think about the best songs to listen to before you think lacing up your sneakers. There is no doubt that a great soundtrack will motivate you to push harder. Actually, you will not notice the extra effort that you end up putting in. That being said, kindly go for songs with 130 BPM. These tempos are very crucial in synchronizing your strut.

3. Find a walking partner

It is advisable to look for a strong group if you aim to achieve and maintain weight loss success. Numerous studies have shown and proved that it is very crucial to look for a walking partner.

4. Know your route

It is important to have a clear idea of where you will be walking on any given day. You can agree with me that indeed you would feel confident and comfortable knowing what to expect as you walk. In that case, you will avoid wasting time figuring out the best route for you. With that in mind, this is the right time to try and devise a route that varies in grade and terrain. Having several routes will prevent you from being too repetitive.


5. Find that walking buddy amusing

It is often said that genuine laughter may cause an increase in basal expenditure. Additionally, it has been associated with an increased resting heart rate. Over the years, we have witnessed several published studies claiming that giggle fest can burn up to 170 calories.

6. Keep tabs on your stride

There have emerged insurance companies that provide financial incentives. This is done to members who do a number of strides in a day. The main reason behind this is that they know walking is a great way to stave off obesity. Walking may also eliminate any kind of illness. It is good to know that there is no specific number of steps you should do. The only way to know the number of strides you are doing in a day is by purchasing a pedometer.

Pedometers are cheap. They could end up motivating you to shed some pounds. In case your aim is to improve the aspect of your day to day life, then this is the right time to embrace this relevant tip.

7. Be prepared for weather conditions

You can attest that not all of us reside in San Diego. Therefore, we must deal with the dynamic climate experienced in all parts of the world. Hence, you should not let cold and icy weather to prevent you from walking off your belly.
It is advisable to look for the right clothing. This will help you walk regardless of the type of weather your area is experiencing. You can consider walking before the sun gets too high in the sky during sunny days.

8. Walk in daylight to eat less

You can get some sunshine during your walking session. You might be wondering why this is encouraged. In a study that was done and published in the popular International Journal of Endocrinology, sleep deprived adults who are often exposed to dim light have a lower concentration of the fullness hormone. On the other hand, people who walk in the blue light have less of this hormone. You will definitely get some life in your weight loss goals when you consider letting some light in your life. This will give you a healthier future.

9. Keep a walking journal

You will have increased the effectiveness of a walking program when you keep a journal. Additionally, you should not forget to keep track of the days you have performed your walking routine. In the journal, you should include the time of the day and night to complete the specific walking routine. Other crucial information that should be included in the walking journal includes daily weight.

10. Walk briskly

You might have come across some people who walk as if they are at the airport. You can walk as if you have cut it close for departing flight. You will burn around 300 calories every 60 minutes if you are 150 pounds. At the end of the week, you will have burned off close to 1,050 calories if you are one of the few people who can fit in 30 minutes of brisk walking. Remember that this kind of weekly calorie expenditure will protect against heart disease.

11. Hit the bricks before you take your breakfast

Walking soon after waking up is arguably the best way to minimize the body fat. This is according to a popular holistic health coach Seth Santoro. You might be aware that your body is already in the calorie deficit. This means that your body fat burning ability will be ignited. Usually, the glycogen levels reduced when you are sleeping. Therefore, your body will utilize body fat as the main energy source.

12. Vary your normal walking pace

It has been proved that walking at varying speeds can burn at least 20% of calories. This is quite high when compared to maintaining a steady pace. A study that was originally published at Ohio State University was one of the very first studies to measure the metabolic cost and changing walking speeds. You should try it while walking briskly for 30 minutes. This is where you will have a chance to accelerate your walk.

13. Go faster the right way

You can attest that you would want to increase your walking space. There are a few ways you can do that. The most common and effective ways include taking longer strides or fast strides. Fast strides are considered as the best way simply because lengthening your stride can increase strain on both feet and legs.

14. Swing your arms

Besides speeding your pace, vigorous arm pumping will provide you with a good upper body workout. Another important thing to note about this walking style is that it enables you to burn up to 10% calories. You can do it by simply bending your arms at 90 degrees. From there, you should pump from the shoulder.


People prefer swinging their arms naturally as if they are reaching the wallet in the back pocket. Finally, ensure that the wrist is near the center of your chest.

15. Vary the terrain

Although it is often overlooked, altering your speed is very crucial. It is by no doubt the greatest way to burn more belly fat. That is why you should switch up the surface you are walking on. You will end up burning more and more calories when you walk in grass or gravel when compared to walking on a soft track. In such instances, the calorie expenditure will increase by more than 50%. However, keep in mind that you will only achieve this if you keep your pace the same.

16. Walk uphill

Walking short hill is a great example of interval training. You will experience a different kind of feeling when your leg muscles lean forward slightly when doing this walking style. Additionally, your knees will feel well and relaxed if you decrease your walking speed. All that you need to do in that case is to bend your legs while at the same time taking shorter steps.

17. Add high intensity walks to your routine

High intensity walking should be done at least 20 minutes. It is advisable to do this walking style on three nonconsecutive days. If that is done, you will have burnt more fat during your intensive cardio workouts. In case you want to do the exercises on alternate days, it is recommended to have moderate intensity fitness activity for at least 30 minutes per session.

18. Ski the streets

The best way to enhance upper body workouts is by using lightweight and rubber tipped trekking poles. You might be aware of this kind of movement especially if you are among those people who are ever cross country skied.

In case you are not familiar with this method, you are supposed to step forward with the left foot. The right arm will come forward while still on the ground. There are very many people out there who prefer walking with poles while reducing the stress on your knees. It is regarded as one of the best walking styles since you will be working the muscles on your chest and arms.

19. You can try backward walking

Typically, walking backward involves using leg muscles differently. It will be a great way to rehabilitate from a knee injury. This style of walking will be safer on a treadmill. Alternatively, a deserted running track will be a suitable option. In case you do not have access to any of those settings, you can walk outside from trees and traffic. Remember to start slowly if you want to avoid muscle soreness. Finally, avoid walking backward more than a quarter mile during your first week of exercises.

20. Use hand weights

If you know more about weight loss, then you might have heard that hand weights can boost your caloric expenditure. Hand weights are known to alter arm swing. This can lead to muscle soreness or even injury. People with high blood pressure and heart disease should avoid this style. In case you feel like using them, you can start with one pound weights. From there, you can increase the hand weights gradually depending on your comfort and how your body responds to the specific hand weights.

Additionally, ensure that the weights do not add up to more than 10 percent of your body weight. Finally, ankle weights are discouraged. The reason behind this is that they increase the chance of injury.

21. Drink green tea after walking

People who take at least three cups of green tea will have fewer markers of cell damage. Usually, cell damage is caused by resistance to exercise. Therefore, you can go for green tea if you want to recover faster after a brisk walk. The best way to do it is pairing a sports beverage with at least five cups of green tea. To add it up, kindly make sure that you have jogged three times in a week. This should be done for eight consecutive weeks. In the process, you will have increased the ability to burn fat during exercise.

22. Have some sport drinks

You might have seen someone consuming Vitamin water while walking. They might be doing it wrong if they are not walking up a sharp incline in a hurry. If you often have less intensive workouts, you might have felt that you need these dense drinks. It is worth knowing that these types of drinks are manufactured with more calories. The level of calories in these drinks is more than what is actually being burned off.

Health experts advise that you should not consume such drinks if you do not work out with an elevated heart rate for at least an hour. You will be forced to have these drinks especially when you feel dehydrated. However, be cautioned if you are walking in mild temperatures. If you are a dedicated walker or runner, then those drinks will be terrible.

23. Drink plane water

It is not very easy to have rapid weight loss. You will have increased the rate at which you burn your calories when you drink more water. Additionally, you will notice an increase in metabolic rates by about 30% if you drink about 17 ounces of water. Also, you should increase the water intake by 1.5 liters. This research has been done and documented. If you follow that, you will have lost about five pounds at the end of the year. You can now imagine what would happen when you maximize the water weight hack with the highly regarded metabolism boosting walk.

24. Snack on almonds

The International Journal of Obesity has been suggesting for many years that a low calorie diet that is rich in almonds can help increase weight loss. Besides having a positive effect on insulin levels, the monounsaturated fats in almonds will provide you with a full feeling. Therefore, there are less chances of them overreacting. And now that you know how the almonds are beneficial in weight loss journey, you can bring a small bag of them on your walk. You can begin to eat them when you feel hungry.

25. Do more incidental walking

This is the right time to know that walking for weight loss is one thing while walking has other benefits. You will benefit from the fat burning opportunities if you can leave your car at home and take the stairs instead of elevators. Consider walking a mile or two with your close friends either to town or to your relatives. You can walk to a bus or even a train if you opt to take mass transit. As you walk, you can stop a little further along the route.

26. Make your walk a part of your life

There are less chances of adapting to a new thing. The primary reason behind this is that it is not part of your routine. After you have done it for a while, it will become a part of your day to day flow. Remember all that you need to get started is the motivation. Good habits will keep you going.

27. Never starve yourself after walking

It is a common thing with many people. For any kind of fitness goals, post workout nutrition will be very crucial. Pre and post workout nutrition are arguably the most important meals of your day. You should refuel your body immediately after you have a workout. This will help you replenish your glycogen levels. In turn, the protein breakdown will have decreased. This increases not only the protein synthesis but also the ability to build muscles.

28. Pair your walking with some sort of resistance training

Your body will always burn calories even when you are at rest. The highest percentage of the calories you burn in a day is used to keep you alive. People with more muscles have more resting metabolic rate. About 6 calories are used to sustain the body. You will have burned calories equivalent to three pounds of fat if you consider packing about five pounds of muscle. You can do that by pairing the extra brown with 30 minutes of brisk walking once in a day. After a short time, you can begin cutting down on your extra fat deposits.

29. You should avoid consuming more than your walk burned

You need a high percentage of calories for your basal metabolic functions. From keeping our heart burn to make our fingernails grow, calories are very necessary. Our bodies will call out for more fuels when we exert a lot of extra energy in the gym. At such points, you might find yourself undermining your efforts with foods that are actually hungrier. Away from that, you will notice an increase of 30 percent in calorie when exercise induced hunger sets in.

30. Walk to de-stress

Jogging will calm you down. That is the greatest news for your weight loss goals. Your body will metabolize food slowly when you are stressed. In most cases, we consume fatty and food full of sugar when we are stressed. There will be a significant weight gain when there is a combination of high cravings and stress induced metabolic rate.


The above walking styles have proved to be effective in achieving individual weight loss goals. With that in mind, this is the right time to embrace and take them seriously if you want to have positive results in your weight loss journey. And now that you are conversant with the most effective walking tips for weight loss, you can go on and practice them.